Microsoft Security Essentials Now for Small Business

This article was originally written for ArrowQuick Solutions, a technology consultancy for small businesses.

Last year, Microsoft released its Security Essentials suite for home users. This software gave consumers a free solution for keeping their Windows computers safe from viruses and malicious programs.

October is Cyber Security Month

Now Microsoft has announced that will be licensing Security Essentials to small businesses starting this month. If your company has 10 or fewer computers, you can use Security Essentials. And it’s still free.

Microsoft won praise when Security Essentials was first released for its simplicity and comparable effectiveness to paid solutions. If you’re a small business that needs anti-virus software, you can download and install Security Essentials from Microsoft’s website. Since it’s cheaper and less complicated than paid solutions, it may be just what you’re looking for. If you end up needing something more full-featured, you can always move to a paid alternative.

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