I build software, both professionally and as a hobby, and I love reading about technology and science. These articles include what I’ve been learning, as well as my opinions on various tech topics.

Last year I wrote about converting books to speech, where I investigated using open source and free tools to scan textbooks and convert them into audio files. At that time, the weakest part of the process was the actual text-to-speech part. Festival, the open source solution, doesn’t have great voices, hasn’t been updated in years, […]

I’ve been using the Nightwatch testing framework for a few months now. I thought I’d write down some of the gotchas that I’ve run into while writing tests for it. (At the time this post was written, Nightwatch was at v0.9.5.) Gathering Files Is Cumbersome Specifying your test files is strangely convoluted. You have to […]