Last year I wrote about converting books to speech, where I investigated using open source and free tools to scan textbooks and convert them into audio files. At that time, the weakest part of the process was the actual text-to-speech part. Festival, the open source solution, doesn’t have great voices, hasn’t been updated in years, […]

This past weekend I did some fun programming. During our Thursday brainstorming session at work, Levi mentioned a polaroid look (like from those instant cameras, remember?), and Brandon joked about shaking them. Thinking about this for a bit on Friday, I realized this effect would be pretty easy to implement. In the end it took less than an hour and about 60 lines of code.


This “album” is a mix of Radiohead’s OK Computer and In Rainbows albums, based on the article at: The premise behind the post — that OK Computer and In Rainbows were designed by Radiohead to be played together — is mostly wishful thinking, mainly because the tracks don’t sound that great when interwoven, even with […]